Fine Arts at HCS is an exciting program that showcases students' creativity and talents. The program includes music and visual art. Through general music and art classes, elementary students learn the skills that become the foundation for full future opportunities. The focus of each of the arts is to learn how to glorify God in excellence. The arts open our students’ minds to new creative ways of thinking that complement the academic instruction in other disciplines. By studying the arts, students become complete in the image of God. Within the different art disciplines, we focus not only on the final result but on the process by which we obtain excellence. We strive to teach the students that how we get there is just as important as the product. We believe this approach makes better musicians and artists and brings the students greater joy in their accomplishments.

Visual Arts (K - 12th)

Art  is an inspiring place where each student is encouraged to experiment and develop their God-given creativity. Students learn and develop there art skills through many different mediums. High School students learn about art history develop portfolios and participate in the Congressional Art competition. The vibrant and ever-changing displays of students' art show the progression of work from kindergarten to fifth grade.


Music (K-12th)

All students (K-8th grade) participate in music classes on a regular basis. They are taught theory concepts and skills. Students participate in a Christmas and spring performance. In high school, students have the opportunity to participate in a fully developed performance ensemble. They perform advanced repertoire with an emphasis on generating fine choral technique. Students in this ensemble are a part of the school musical performances in December and May. The chorus also competes in choral competitions.


HCS/High Point Homeschoolers Band 

Dr. Dennis Renfroe, band director for the Hayworth Christian School/High Point Home Schoolers Band, has released the dates for the beginning of the 23rd year of this ground-breaking band program.  August 19 and 20 will mark the beginning of the 2015-2016 School Year. 

The band program, inaugurated in 1993 originally for home-educated students, began as an experiment on the campus of Laurel University (formerly “John Wesley College”) in High Point.  Since that time, more than 350 students have learned to perform on a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument in the band.  The program consists of two ensembles: (1) an advanced band for students with a minimum of one year of experience playing a traditional band instrument and (2) a band for beginners.

Band details