Tuition & Fees

Admissions Registration  - $150.00 per student

The fee must be paid and submitted with the registration form for a student to enroll. The Registration Fee is non-refundable even if the student does not attend HCS, is denied admission, or does not receive a scholarship. Administrative expenses are included in the Registration Fee. Pre-Registration is offered to returning families at a reduced rate.

Pre-Admission Testing Fee - $60.00 per student

All new students are required to take an entrance achievement test and the fee must be paid before the student is tested.

Tuition Deposit - $250.00 per student

Annually a designated the Tuition Deposit for re-enrollment is due June 1st. This deposit is a part of the total tuition. The Tuition Deposit is designed to provide funds to purchase books, consumable materials, and supplies for extracurricular programs. This Fee does not include any field trips, classroom activities, athletic programs, clubs, or after school activities. The Deposit is to be paid by June 1st. THE FEE IS PART OF TUITION.

ATTENTION NEW FAMILIES: If the date of acceptance falls after June 1st, the Tuition Deposit is due within 10 days of the receipt of acceptance letter.

Tuition Payment Options 

HCS offers three options for paying tuition.  The options are as follows:

Option #1: Two Installments through FACTS, a bank draft, or credit card.
One installment made at the beginning of the first semester (August) and the second installment is due at the beginning of the second semester (January).

Option #2: Monthly Installments through FACTS, a bank draft, or credit card.
Monthly installments made on the 5th or 20th of each month. Parents choose when the payments begin. However, all monthly payments end in May.

Option #3: One payment through FACTS, a bank draft, or credit card


Tuition Fee Schedule 

Click on link for page one of 20-21 Fee Schedule
Click on link for page two of 20-21 Fee Schedule