Dr. Terry Moffitt, Head of School (2019) - PhD, Jacksonville Theological Seminary

Toni Mitchell, Administrative Assistant (2020)


 lDEAN.jpg Dean Peacock, Receptionist (2006)


Elementary School 

albertson1.png Jackie Albertson, Kindergarten (1996) - BS, John Wesley     

 combs1.png Karen Combs, Elementary (2015) - BA, Clearwater Christian College

HAITHCOCK.jpg Joy Haithcock, Elementary (2002) - BA, John Wesley College 

riddle1.png  Margaret Riddle, Elementary (2016) - MA, Asbury Theological Seminary


Middle and High School 

Jamie Stout, English -Greensboro College (2020)

David Renfroe, UNCG- Math & Statistics (2020)


Daniel Cabera, Spanish and PE, BS UNC-Greensboro



  horsley1.png Annette Horsley, Science (2017) - BS, Piedmont Bible College


 KEY.jpg Michael Key English, Bible, Social St

udies (2009) - BA, UNC-Chapel Hill

delagey1.png Erika Delagey, K-12th Art (2010) - BA, University for Higher Christian Ed.

friday1.png Avery Friday, History, Computer, Journalism, Guidance Counselor (2018)- MED, -Liberty University


 J.LUMSTON.jpg Jean Lumston, K-12th Music, Bible (2001) - BA, Southern Wesleyan University




(Year in parentheses denotes the year originally employed at HCS.)